IG Review

Min. Deposit: $250
Max. Leverage: 1:30
Trading Platforms: MT4, IG WebTrader

IG Group offers online trading to retail and institutional investors. It offers three types of trades: CFDs, spread bets, and futures. Its most significant product is the CFD, or contract for difference, which allows investors to trade on the difference between prices of assets in rapid succession.

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The IG Group was founded in the UK in 1974. Today, it is one of the biggest CFD brokers globally, with more than 5.2 million active users and one of the fastest-growing brands on social media. The IG brand has grown significantly over recent years. It is now used as a platform to deliver educational content that enables traders to learn about risk management and how to make money trading CFDs.

The company has been awarded FCA Approved Trader status, which it achieved after passing FCA’s rigorous customer experience standards. The IG Group has almost 50 years of experience in the electronic brokerage industry and is one of the most experienced CFD brokers worldwide with more than 100 financial instruments. They have a unique understanding of protecting a broad customer base from risks and ensuring stable CFDs products’ operation.

Types of accounts

IG has Trading, Professional, Turbo24, Limited Risk, Share Dealing, and Exchange Accounts. Each of these different account types has its specific condition for receiving commissions, fees, leverage, and deposit requirements. The most common is the Trading account, which offers high leverage and daily trading limits to help you get started quickly.

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Suppose you can meet the conditions for opening a Professional account or Turbo24 account from IG’s comprehensive list of features. In that case, these premium accounts may suit you compared to the other options out there.

The Turbo account is an advanced trading platform that offers a range of features, including live chat, social trading, portfolio review, webinar hosting, self-service order management, and better access to customer service. The share dealing account is designed for retail investors who trade only one issue at a time and don’t want to worry about margin calls. When opening an account at IG, you need to choose an account based on your trading style.

IG commissions, spreads, and fees

The fees for each asset class are clearly laid out on the site. The amount of deposit and trading fees you pay will vary based on your account type. However, the minimum deposit is $250. IG Index offers customers a competitive commission and fees structure for forex trades compared with other online forex brokers.

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For example, you can take advantage of the EUR/USD with a spread from just 0.6 pips, or the FTSE 100 at 1 point, or even another popular choice, Spot Gold, starting at 0.3 pips.

Several trading costs may apply. Fees are charged for the use of margin, foreign exchange fee (or spread), and forex commission. Spreads can also be dependent on market conditions and regulatory issues. In addition, there is the potential for interest to accrue on any part of your equity account balance not invested in the securities on deposit.

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IG Assets and Leverage

IG Forex offers a variety of assets classes that you can trade, including commodities, stock futures, and forex. You can choose from different leverage or margin rates to suit your trading style. It helps new traders start with small amounts of deposit and leverage. At the same time, experienced traders can also use IG with a few trades per week to achieve impressive gains. IG functions as both an asset manager and leverage platform. That’s because, in addition to its daily market analysis and fundamental data feed, IG offers several products explicitly developed for traders, such as trading signals, CFD arbitrage, hedging strategies, pivot strategies, and more!