CapitalCo Review

Min. Deposit: $250
Max. Leverage: 1:300
Trading Platforms: WebTrader

CapitalCo is a CFD market broker in the UK and was founded in 2009. Since then, the company has executed thousands of orders and has been the trusted investing company suggested by thousands customers. Today the company operates all over the world except US and Iran and has big volume of daily traders. CapitalCo proving they are well‑known throughout the industry as a trustworthy and reliable broker. They are not a regulate, but the customer’s trust makes them the authority in the industry. The broker has applied for the license and is expected to be a tier-1 or tier-2 regulated broker within the tenor of 6 months.

Investment Products

CapitalCo provides a quite big range of trading instruments to the traders. Whether you are a novice or an experienced broker, all kinds of instruments are available except bonds and options. You can trade forex, stocks, metals, equities, indices, commodities, energies, and cryptocurrencies without hassle. There is a great opportunity to diversify your trading portfolio with the bulk of financial instruments.

Account Types

This is one of a broker’s best qualities if they cater to all classes of traders for their platform. CapitalCo has done so by providing investment opportunities for all traders. The broker offers 4 types of accounts segregated by the deposit range and some additional benefits. The more you invest, the more you will be served by the team. Here is the account structure of CapitalCo.

Demo Account

CapitalCo’s demo trading account is a sort of account that is funded completely with virtual money but retains all of the functionalities and technical indicators of a live account. This makes demo account an ideal tool for beginner traders since it lets you get acquainted with the fundamentals of your trading platform and the financial markets before you begin trading with real money.

Having a demo account with CapitalCo has various advantages. It enables beginners to learn how to open and close positions, read price charts, and practice trading in total safety until they are ready to transition to a real trading environment. You’ll be practicing in real-world market conditions, which is an excellent approach to learning about risk management.

For more experienced traders, CapitalCo’s demo account is essential for honing and improving existing trading skills. It makes sense to test new strategies and techniques as you develop or discover them to see how they will perform.

Test Account

This is the basic account CapitalCo offers to their clients. The minimum deposit requirement in this account is 250$. You can go for the upper-tier account if you want to start biggie. This is the most affordable and is convenient for individuals on a constrained budget to get their products off the ground and in the hands of their users. In addition, you can enjoy a private account manager and the facility of professional investment plans from experts. One of the perks of being with CapitalCo is that you can enjoy unlimited leverage no matter your account type.

Silver Account

To access more asset classes, you must go for CapitalCo’s silver account. It is best for expert and professional traders with a budget ranging from 10,000$-50,000$. The game is not over as you will have a sole account manager available during business hours. Besides this, traders will benefit from a professional investment plan and fully managed accounts.

Gold Account

Gold account is best for mid to high-level investors, and the deposit requirement ranges from 50,000$-250,000$. The specialty of this account is that you will get access to all asset classes. Further, the perks of a private account manager, professional investment plan, and fully managed account are also stick to that.

VIP Accounts

As per the name, the VIP accounts are for elite traders and corporates. In this account, the trader, firm, or corporate enjoys all the privileges of small accounts. On top of that, there are no swaps and spreads in this account type. VIP accounts are for the customer budget of more than 250,000$.

Trading Platform

The broker offers a fully equipped state-of-the-art WebTrading platform for traders of all types. This platform is synchronized with MetaQuotes MT4 to enhance user experience and arouse a sense of familiarity.

Conversely, important broker platforms like the cTrader and MT5 are missing.

CapitalCo WebTrader

CapitalCo’s WebTrader is the master class platform provided for trading. It is easy to navigate and equipped with all modern-day tools to develop strategies and testing. More importantly, the WebTrader is synchronized with MetaQuote’s MT4, thus adding more colors to its features.

Regardless of trading strategy, execution speed is a top priority for all traders (from scalpers to long-term investors) since it influences efficiency and profit. According to market updates, the transaction processing speed on MT4 is lightning fast and consistent. Furthermore, the exchange supports transactions caused by slow network connection errors on the server.

Professional traders attarcted to the MT4 platform because of its advanced charting and technical analysis capabilities, built-in indicators and graphical tools, and many other unique features. The software also allows for automated trading by programming MetaQuote’s proprietary MQL4 language and creating custom indicators.

Here are a few of the advantages while trading with CapitalCo’s WebTrader:

  • Support demo account before entering actual trading
  • Provide analytical tools and specialized tools of various levels from novice to professional
  • Allows trading with many different accounts from different brokers
  • Create your own technical indicators
  • Free to use many basic features
  • Stable, fast operation and large processing volume
  • Rarely occurs technical errors when trading
  • Several indicators, analysis tools

In addition to the above, you can execute various order types simultaneously with this single platform. Whether you are a novice or a pro trader, you can place:

  • Market Order
  • Pending Order (Buy Limit,  Buy Stop, Sell Limit, Sell Stop)
  • Stop Loss
  • Take Profit


CapitalCo offers market competitive spreads and commissions from their customer. The spreads they charge depending on the investment you are doing with them. For larger account sizes, there are lesser spreads. For their ultimate VIP account, they don’t charge spreads and swaps. The broker does not charge hidden fees from their customers.

Non Trading Fees

The non-trading fees incorporate account inactivity fees/maintenance fees, deposit/withdrawal fees, and processing fees. Here is the structure of CapitalCo’s non-trading fees.

Deposit/Withdrawal Fees

You can enjoy trouble-free trading while dealing with CapitalCo. The deposit and withdrawal are free, and there is no time bar for when you can take your withdrawal. It is operative 24/7; however, there is a minimum deposit and withdrawal requirement. For deposits, you have to begin from at least 250$, while you must have at least 50$ in your account to make a withdrawal.

To process deposits or withdrawals, the broker does not charge any amount; however, the intermediary certainly charges you something depending on the jurisdiction you live in or the amount you transact. It is good to consult them before processing deposits/withdrawals.

Account Inactivity Fees

Many brokers in the market charge some extra fees if your account goes in dormancy. Every broker has different definitions; some penalize some dollars after 3 months of inactivity, and some charge it after six months. CapitalCo is exceptional in this case as you are free to exit anytime and can rejoin by just reinvesting the initial deposit amount. The broker does not charge any amount as inactivity, dormancy, or maintenance fees.

Processing Fees

The broker levies no hidden charges nor any processing fees.

Trading Fees

Trading fees include the spreads and commissions broker charges on the positions you open.

Spread and Commissions

CapitalCo charges variable spreads and commissions depending on your account type. They charge a straight 1.3% commission on your trade, while the spreads begin from 0.5 pips. The broker offers four types of accounts to their customers. The VIP accounts are free of spreads and swaps, but such accounts are for corporates or big fishes. One can open a VIP account if they have deposits of over 250,000$.

Client’s Education

Research and education are the basis for successful trading. That is why the broker has heavily invested in educating the traders. The entry-level traders will be guided using the platforms and the basics of fundamental and technical analyses. The pro-level traders are given extensive solutions to complex patterns and make it easier to anticipate the price movements relatively easier.

Fundamental and Technical Analysis

CapitalCo has special arrangements for their onboard clients. They provide daily fundamental and technical analysis on your inbox on the most important stocks, or CFD instruments traders are looking for. Fundamental analysis is a technique for assessing a stock’s intrinsic value. Recognizing that a stock’s intrinsic or fair value does not alter overnight is vital. This kind of analysis assists you in identifying essential characteristics of the company and analyzing its value while taking macro and microeconomic factors into account.

Technical analysis is the examination of stocks and markets using just price data. Technical analysis is not concerned with researching fundamental information and prognosis; it is the responsibility of fundamental analysis. Fundamental and technical analyses conflict with one another. Some market experts employ both, while others use just one. The key advantages of technical analysis are that it takes less time than fundamental analysis, can readily take advantage of relevant resources, is inexpensive to utilize, and focuses more on strategy and execution.


  • Fast account opening
  • Great customer service
  • Free deposit and withdrawal
  • Low spreads and commission
  • Fully digital Webtrader
  • Various deposit methods
  • Good customizability (for charts, workspace)
  • Trading ideas
  • Good set of analytical tools
  • Demo account
  • Trading platform tutorial
  • Professional investment plans
  • Private accounts manager
  • Weekly webinars
  • No account inactivity fees
  • No leverage bar


  • No 24/7 support
  • Financial information is not publicly available
  • Minimum deposit of 250$
  • Swap-free Islamic accounts are missing
  • Limited trading platforms

Webinars, News, and Forecasting

CapitalCo arranges weekly webinars to spread knowledge on financial investing. The webinars are conducted by the industry’s specialists who share every nitty-gritty of the industry transparently. The educational environment is a must-have for the prosperity of the financial conditioning of traders.

Most significant Forex market changes come from financial, economic, and political news and the market’s reaction to it. One of the most popular strategies is trading on fundamental news. Daily, huge news is produced, and many traders rely on it as their main trading strategy.

Traders treat trading in this manner differently. Some claim that news release is a fantastic opportunity to boost revenue, while others advise against trading during important news releases.

Regardless of people’s opinion about the news, trading CapitaCo provides all important press releases, events to come, and financial decisions on an economy to their customers. In that way, traders are pre-equipped for a certain market action and prepare accordingly.

Is CapitalCo a Safe Broker?

These days, regulation is one of the strongest parameters depicting broker safety. But it is not the lonely factor one must consider while choosing a broker. CapitalCo is not a regulated broker, yet they have been conducting their business professionally. They have been in the financial industry since 2009, and there has been no negative feedback about the broker. The broker website is clean and equipped with SSL certification to avoid hackers. The funds are kept in segregated accounts, and all your money is insured with a top-notch financial body. The private managers are there to help you if you have any ambiguity while investing. All this makes it a reliable broker. On top of that, they have also applied for the license, which will be received within the next 6 months, adding more gems to the hat. So, other than regular industry risk, no risk stops you from dealing with the broker.


CapitalCo is one of the most reliable brokers in the industry. The way they have grown worldwide in such a short period is admirable. The only concern one can raise is its regulation, which will be met within the next 6 months. Whether a new or a pro trader, this is the right platform to persuade your trading career with full exposure and tools.