Axiau Review

Min. Deposit: $250
Max. Leverage: 1:300
Trading Platforms: WebTrader, MT4

Axiau, a 8+ year active broker has quickly grown through the ranks to become a popular trading platform for users of all varieties. With a focus on three account types, an impressive number of deposit/withdrawal methods, and a robust market analysis platform, Axiau’s service casts a wide net. These valuable features are, however, not backed up by its status as a licensed and compliant broker, but the quality of service is guaranteed.

Axiau Pros & Cons

-Cryptocurrency trading and deposits.
-Availability of 3 different account types.
-Social trading functionality.
-The facility of Private account managers.
-Instant order execution.
-Various payment and withdrawal methods.
-The facility of demo accounts.
-Fully equipped proprietary WebTrading platform with MT4.
-Free deposit and withdrawal.
-No account inactivity fees.

-US and Iran clients not accepted.
-No 24/7 customer support.
-Financial information is not public.
-Large spreads on bronze accounts.
-No swap-free Islamic accounts.

Who Is Axiau Recommended For?

Traders who are not aware of CFD trading whatsoever and those who make forex trading their career are both well-suited to Axiau. This wide-ranged targeted group is mainly for the broker’s epic library of educational data, complemented by regular market updates and analysis.
Fittingly, its welcomes rookie traders who can gather extra boost when scaling the market’s not-insignificant learning curve. Additionally, professionals can deploy an extensive array of indicators to their Axiau MT4 platforms to match their trading strategy or style.

Account Options

Broker Type

The broker offers a broad spectrum of financial instruments. Axiau offers 69 forex pairs, 3 symbols on energies, 3 commodities, 9 metals, 13 indices, 56 equities, and 19 cryptocurrencies for trading. So owing to the nature of the instruments the broker has offered, it is categorized as a CFD broker.

Minimum Deposit
The minimum deposit that the broker requires to initiate the primary account (bronze) stands at $250. This amount is above the industry’s average. Since the broker has also offered a demo account, this literally meant to practice before making an initial deposit of $250.
A trader can use bank wire, debit/credit cards, and cryptocurrencies as deposit and withdrawal methods.

Forex Majors Spread
GBP/USD: 0.1, USD/JPY: 0.1, EUR/USD: 0.1.

Maximum Forex Leverage
The broker offers maximum leverage of 30:1. However, the leverage is restricted to 20:1 on minor forex pairs.

Minimum Trade Size
With Axiau, the trader can begin with a minimum trade size of 0.01.

Yes, Axiau enables scalping for day traders. One of the most significant advantages of scalping is that it can be very profitable if a trader can implement a strict exit strategy. Scalpers can profit from small changes in a stock’s price that do not necessarily reflect the overall trend of the commodity’s price for the day.
Scalpers are also exempt from fundamentals because they play no role when dealing with a brief timeframe. Therefore, traders don’t need to know much about the stock.

Yes, with Axiau, you can hedge on the market. Hedging provides traders and investors to mitigate market risk and volatility. It minimizes the risk of loss. Market risk and volatility are inherent in the market, and the primary goal of investors is to profit.
However, you do not have the position to control or manipulate markets to safeguard your investments. Hedging does not prevent losses but considerably reduces the effect of negative impacts.

Free Demo Account
Demo accounts are the sources of free learning. If you are a beginner, you can practice or build your trading strategies on a demo account. Axiau provides a free demo account whether you are a regular customer or not.

Top Axiau Features

Strategy Managers and Investors
Taking advantage of other known social trading platforms in the market, Axiau added a copy-trading module to its services that promote some traders to become managers and earn significant commission from the investors that follow them. There’s also a hub of the central Axiau platform where traders can find strategy managers and explore their performance.

Unparalleled Education
Axiau built a fundamental educational and analytical suite that offers market reports, automatic signals and notifications, and more relevant and timely ideas. Rookie traders should check out the more basic materials, while experts can employ the expert insights posted daily.

Cryptocurrency CFDs
Axiau enables traders to invest capital in cryptocurrency without owning the underlying assets. Additionally, you can move cryptocurrencies from one wallet to another. The broker offers famous Bitcoin/USD, Ethereum/USD, and Litecoin/USD pairs currently, while the expansion in the future will allow traders to select from a broader range of crypto coins and tokens.

Axiau Account Types

Axiau offers three account types, including bronze, silver, and gold. There are three regular accounts, each with varying leverage levels and other differing features. A demo account is also offered; however, there is no facility for a spread-free Islamic account.

Trading Platforms

MetaTrader 4
MetaTrader 4 is a comprehensive trading platform that performs almost everything. While seasoned traders will have an easier time taking advantage of everything the platform offers, beginners should also have a relatively simple time navigating the site’s interface. Furthermore, while users will not have access to live customer service, they can use various educational resources and tutorials to better understand the platform as a whole.
One of MetaTrader 4’s most valuable features is the ability for customers to automate their trades by programming custom indicators in MT4’s proprietary coding language. The platform is available in over 30 languages and allows you to mimic the activity of other successful traders. While MT4 is best known as a currency trading platform, it may also be used for trades in other markets, such as options and futures.
MetaTrader 4 does not provide personal financial advice or robo-advisor services. However, depending on the brokerage you partner with to utilize MT4, you may have access to additional features such as live advisor support.

Axiau WebTrader
Because of its simple interface and modern design, this platform is suitable for both beginners and advanced traders. You don’t have to download or install anything at all.
This platform is perfect for people who desire a simple user experience with all critical functionality available directly from a web browser. You may access a wide selection of studies and indicators and timeframes of up to a month. For technical insight and instant pattern recognition, use Trading Central, which is fully integrated into the platform. There is no need for installation, and it is accessible from any computer using any browser.

Trading and Investment Tools

One Click Trading
The purpose of one-click trading is to simplify the trading process and execute more trades at a faster pace. Staying on top of trades may be difficult, particularly in volatile markets. Our one-click trading tool speeds up setting stop-losses, identifying entry and exit points, and placing pending orders while maintaining execution quality.

Email Alerts
The broker offers an excellent Alerts system that notifies traders when the pricing of symbols reaches certain levels. These Alerts can be audible, displayed on-screen, or delivered through email.

Stop Order
When an order is placed to buy/sell a stock at the market price after the stock has traded at or through a certain price (the “stop price”), when the stock hits the stop price, the order is converted to a market order and filled at the next available market price. The order is not executed if the stock fails to reach the stop price.

Market Order
A market order typically guarantees execution but not the price requested. Market orders are the best option when the primary purpose is to execute the deal as soon as possible. A market order is often ideal when you believe a stock is underpriced, when you are certain you want your order filled, or when you need rapid execution.

Trailing Stop Order
It is a conditional order that uses a trailing amount to determine when to submit a market order rather than a specific stop price. The trailing amount, which can be expressed in points or percentages, then follows (or “trails”) the price of a stock as it moves bullish (for sell orders) or bearish (for buy orders)
Following submission, the trailing stop order remains in force until it is triggered by a change in the bid price (for sell orders) or the inside ask price (for buy orders) (for buy orders). When it is triggered, it transforms into a market order and is submitted for immediate execution.

Limit Order
In the financial markets, a limit order is a way to buy or sell a financial (CFD) asset or other security at a specified price or better. This requirement gives traders more control over the prices at which they trade. A limit can be placed on both a buy and a sell order:
A buy limit order only is executed if the limit price or a lower price is met.
A sell limit order only is executed at the limit price or higher.
The price is guaranteed, but the order will not be filled. Limit orders executed only if the price meets the order qualifications.

Axiau Pricing

Axiau has different fee schedules between the many accounts that it offers. The fee is summed to the spread on the three instant-execution standard accounts (Bronze, Silver, and Gold) and can be as low as 0.1 pips.
Deposits don’t incur fees or charges from Axiau, nor are there any maximum deposit amounts for any account. There could be a minor withdrawal fee depending on the method of transfer. This amount does not pertain to the broker; the intermediary charges that fee.
There is no account in activity fees with the broker. It means that no matter how long your account has been inactive, you just have to deposit the minimum as required, and you are good to go.

Service Details
Supported Languages: English
Customer Service Hours: 09:30 – 21:00 GMT
Email Response Time: Immediate
Telephone Orders: No
Personal Account Manager: Yes

Axiau Reliability & Security

Traders seeking a trustworthy and secure broker will appreciate Axiau’s wide range of tools and the consistency with which it serves global customers. Axiau suffered no downtime during testing and is always available regardless of when or where. With strict projected adherence to regulations that cover data protection, transparency, and more, there are many reasons that Axiau remains a trusted trading services provider.
You may have some concerns or insecurity as the broker is not regulated. We have researched a lot to solve this riddle. The broker’s website is secure via Cloudflare and has mandatory SSL certification. Besides this, the customer reviews are genuine, and there has not been any seriously negative feedback on the broker’s credibility.

Axiau User Experience

One thing that traders can notice is that Axiau provides lightening execution speeds. The broker prioritizes low latency and the avoidance of price slippage. The Axiau website’s sidebar lists all the broader areas of the trading ecosystem, while pages enable deeper navigation of the available tools. MT4 is also a recognizable sight, while widespread familiarity with the platform is an advantage for knowledgeable traders. Finally, the Axiau support team is reachable five days a week and speaks English language, offering many ways to get in touch, including live chat.

Final Thoughts

With an above-average minimum deposit ($250) threshold, a range of payment/withdrawal methods, various account types, social trading aspects, and several free tools, Axiau makes its innovative ecosystem suitable for nearly any trader. Axiau presents a function-rich platform, and those having trouble comprehending everything can access help from a customer service team. Though spreads are only average and support for cryptocurrency is above average, Axiau delivers an accessible and comprehensive service for all traders.