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What we do?

We offer reviews of many online brokers available for trading today. Our online broker reviews rate brokers in the forex/crypto market. We strive to provide the most in-depth reviews to help investors find the best broker for their investment needs. Every year, our team tests and evaluates these companies against the different variables that make up their Quality Score ratings in different categories of offerings, as well as review their ratings for the best online brokers.
Our in-depth online forex broker reviews include ratings, in-depth analysis, spread data, platform analysis, trading fees, account features, and more.

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How we Calculate Quality Score

Quality Score is our way to rank the best brokers
This score purpose is to give a positive or negative indication about brokers
The highest quality score is 100, the score based on 6 parameters:

Web Reviews

We check 10+ reviews websites include Trustpilot, Facebook and more.

Customer Service

Account management's service quality from A-Z.


Free webinars, guides, glossary and more, accessible to the clients.

Fees & Commissions

How high or low are the fees & commissions for each transaction made.

Assets Types

The Variety of assets that are available for immediate trading via the broker platform.

Tools & Softwares

Examination of the different types of tools that can enhance the trading experience.

Rating Methodology

Our Forex brokers rating system is based on industry experience and valid consumer voting results. All brokers who are included in our ratings and score are ranked according to their actual number of up-and-down votes, expressed as a percentage. On the 1st of each month, all voting indicators are reset to zero and voting resumes, giving all currency brokers an equal right to pursue the highest score.